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Marmuri - Soutache earrings
Marmuri - Soutache earrings
3 600 Ft

Marmuri - Soutache earrings

Marmuri - Soutache earrings
Marmuri - Soutache earrings
Marmuri - Soutache earrings
Marmuri - Soutache earrings
- Made of Japanese pearls
- made of Italian soutache cord
- elegant earrings
- polymer clay middle piece
- size: approx. 3.5 x 7 cm
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3 600 Ft
The delicately feminine Marmuri hand-made soutache earrings are a harmonious mix of soft pink, blue and green shades. The gentle cascade of pastel colors and white suggests timeless beauty and grace.
Marmuri earrings are a light, elegant, yet comfortable piece of unique jewelry designed for art-loving, modern women.

Perfect for various occasions, you can even wear it on weekdays or complement your outfit on a romantic evening. This pair of earrings radiates a sense of quiet self-confidence with its soft, unostentatious shades.

The soutache jewelry-making technique used in the Hungarian folk costume originates from the soutache cord, although the French originally decorated their clothing with cord in the 16th century. Later, in the Middle East, Asia and Africa, and even in Mexico, we can find kaftans and pieces of clothing decorated with cords.

The first jewelry was made only a few centuries later. The main characteristic of the technique is that we glue and sew around each larger gem with smaller pearls and braided cords.
Full length
7 cm