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Roxo XoXo - Purple Fog Earrings
Roxo XoXo - Purple Fog Earrings
2 200 Ft

Roxo XoXo - Purple Fog Earrings

Roxo XoXo - Purple Fog - Letters Earrings
- approximately 1.5 x 6 cm
- hook
In stock
2 200 Ft
Handmade jewelry plastic earrings can be worn all day long due to their lightness.
If you choose from the geometric shapes, you can own a classic piece that you can wear on weekdays, but also on important occasions.
The color purple used to be associated with luxury, as purple dyes were expensive, often only worn by rulers.
Royalty and luxury: Historically, purple has been associated with royalty and luxury because purple dyes were rare and expensive in the past. It was often worn by rulers and aristocrats.
In certain cultures, it was a symbol of spirituality, wisdom, creativity, individuality, but the meanings of romance and sensuality are also associated with purple.
Full length
6 cm
polymer clay