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Gingerbread Man Earring
Gingerbread Man Earring
2 200 Ft

Gingerbread Man Earring

Gingerbread Man Earring
Gingerbread Man Earring
Gingerbread Man Earring
- approximately 2,5 x 3 cm
- nickel free fish hook
In stock
2 200 Ft
Delightfully nice, light earrings that evoke the atmosphere of Christmas. You can wear them on the holy day, but any time you want to evoke this loving atmosphere.

We have a long tradition of baking gingerbread at home, children have been cutting and decorating gingerbread figures since they were very young. Most of all, they liked the last pieces, which they could no longer shape with a cutter, but only with their tiny hands. Most of the time, somehow, some kind of human form was always made and succeeded. But there was also a pirate-like figure, a bit more bearish, cheerful or sad.

Did you know that gingerbread cookies can be traced back to medieval Europe, where ginger-flavored sweets and cakes became popular. The concept of gingerbread, a sweet and spicy cookie made with ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, and other spices, probably originated in the Middle East and made its way to Europe on trade routes during the Crusades.

Gingerbread was initially a specialty of skilled bakers and was often associated with fairs, festivals and special occasions. It became popular in Germany in the 16th century and the tradition of making shaped gingerbread, including figures and animals, spread widely.

However, the story of the gingerbread man as a character is believed to have originated at the beginning of the 19th century, primarily in England. The earliest known version of the Gingerbread Man story appeared in print in 1875 in St. Nicholas Magazine, a popular American children's magazine. The story tells the story of a gingerbread man who comes to life, escapes from various pursuers, including animals and humans, and finally ends in a cleverly orchestrated way.

The gingerbread man has become a popular character in children's literature and children's culture, and the tradition of making gingerbread man-shaped cookies is firmly established during the holiday season. The association of gingerbread with festive occasions, especially at Christmas, has persisted over the years, and baking and decorating gingerbread has become a cherished holiday tradition in many households around the world.
Full length
3 cm
polymer clay