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Pine Tree Shape Earring
Pine Tree Shape Earring
2 200 Ft

Pine Tree Shape Earring

Pine Tree Shape Earring
Pine Tree Shape Earring
Pine Tree Shape Earring
- approximately 2 x 3 cm
- nickel free fish hook
In stock
2 200 Ft
The small, graceful, snow-white pine tree-shaped clay earrings can be a lovely addition to your winter wardrobe.
Not only is the tree a symbol of Christmas, but it has many different meanings in different cultures.
The pine tree is also a symbol of eternal life and immortality, as an evergreen, its needles stay green all year round, and it is also a symbol of flexibility, endurance, and courage.
They also symbolize strength and resilience, as they tolerate harsh winds, cold, and snow well.
In any case, they mean a kind of connection with nature, with the natural part of our self. Some cultures associate pine with cleansing properties. Its scent is refreshing and invigorating.
If you are a spiritual soul, you know that many traditions regard pine trees as sacred, and their upward growth is also seen as a symbol of ascension and enlightenment.
Full length
3 cm
polymer clay