You can't buy love, but you can buy a handmade gift. And it's almost the same.

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I am happy to inform you that our brand new Facebook group has started!

DartDesignWorkshop Facebook Oldal

Why should you join?

1. Exclusive Contents: Be the first to know about our latest products, promotions and special offers.
2. Community: Meet other customers, share your experiences and ideas. Everyone is welcome here!
3. Competitions and Games: Our group members can regularly participate in exciting prize games and challenges, where they can win valuable gifts.
4. Customer service: You can share your questions, problems and feedback directly with us, so we can help you even faster.

New products in the webshop!
Elegant, colorful and sparkling jewelry in every color of the rainbow.

New items in our web store! Small light shell and snail shell shaped plug-in earrings!