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Marigold - Soutache earrings

Marigold soutache earrings
- Made of Japanese pearls
- made of Italian sujtas cord
- elegant earrings
- total length 6 cm
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5 800 Ft
The Marigold handmade, unique soutache earrings are a bold captivating blend of futuristic design and raw metals.
This fashionable avant-garde jewelry can be worn with jeans, in everyday life, or even as a festive, occasional accessory for elegant dresses.
If you choose Marigold, you are buying a unique piece of jewelry handmade from quality pearls and soft Italian cords.

The name of the technique is derived from the braided cord used in the Hungarian folk costume, although the French originally decorated their clothing with cord in the 16th century. Later, in the Middle East, Asia and Africa, and even in Mexico, we can find kaftans and pieces of clothing decorated with cords.

The first jewelry was made only a few centuries later. The main feature of the technique is that each larger gem is glued and sewn around with smaller beads and braided cords.
Full length
6 cm