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Bee Soutache Bracelet - Pink
Bee Soutache Bracelet - Pink
18 800 Ft

Bee Soutache Bracelet - Pink

Bee Soutache Bracelet - Pink
Bee Soutache Bracelet - Pink
Bee Soutache Bracelet - Pink
Bee Soutache Bracelet - Made based on Edit Peng's pattern
An elegant bracelet made of quality Japanese and Czech pearls and Swarovski elements
16-22 cm adjustable wrist circumference
3 cm at its widest point
The back is soft quality velour imitation leather
In stock
18 800 Ft
The Bee bracelet is a classic piece in an elegant pink shade. If you want to inject a little romance into your look, you can't go wrong with this feminine hand-stitched wonder.
The large purple stone in the center draws attention to your slender wrist with its sparkle, and the winding strands of the soutache add softness to the coldness of the stone.
When you choose Bee, you are buying a lovingly sewn, unique piece. There will never be two completely identical pieces, even if they are made based on a pattern, since I do not use stones and pearls of the same color shade and size.
Surprise yourself or your loved one with this colorful handmade miracle.

The name of the soutache jewelry-making technique is derived from the soutache cord used in the Hungarian folk costume, although the French originally decorated their clothing with cords in the 16th century. Later, in the Middle East, Asia and Africa, and even in Mexico, we can find kaftans and pieces of clothing decorated with cords.

The first jewelry was made only a few centuries later. The main feature of the technique is that each larger gem is glued and sewn around with smaller beads and braided cords.